2012 EC/UF boat on the start beach and result.

In the Gulf approaching Marco and CP2.

Long story short- Had a good start and was running around 3-4 th place when I hit something in Lemon Bay running 9 kts and just a few miles short of CP1 and less than 20 hours into the challenge covering 110 miles- due to tacking into the strong headwind. It tore up bottom and needed repairs. Could not find a place so took boat home back to SC and replaced 16 foot of hull bottom. Back in the race on day 3 at CP 1 and sailed for 6 hours before losing blowing out the rudder. Learned to sail the ketch rig all over but made it to CP 2 after midnight day 4 and 12 hours after the deadline but was allowed to stay in the race….but my repairs to the bottow did not hold and at daylight the boat was 1/3 full of water. Suspect not enough time for epoxy to dry on trip back to Fl. Also weather was severe and very rough seas. Dropped out of race at CP2 after aprox. 140 miles and  170 miles sailed to get there.