The OkoumeFest is a brand new WaterTibe Full distance challenge that I am looking forward to being a part of. I have never sailed in this part of the US and only know what to expect from research. I am ready to go but have not had the “on the water” time that would have made me feel more comfortable. I have yet to have my new Expedition boat the TriRaid 560 out in any big wind or waves. Longest sail to date is less than 30 miles. Part of proving the setup is to test so I am hoping for a good “test”. Weather will play the biggest factor in my route and finishing time or if I finish at all, that is certainly not a Given by no means. That  is why they call it a Challenge.

The plan is to go as fast as the weather will allow. For me that means that my worst case for weather will be no wind at all. If so I can split between pedaling and paddling and move at 3.5 – 4  mph for as long as my body can hold up. Some wind or much wind will make it much less phyical. High wind would not be much of a concern since it is not in the ocean so sea trials will have to wait although the bay can get very bad at times. I plan to keep moving for as long as the conditions will allow. I have the equipment that should allow me to do so. The boat was designed by myself and Klaus Metzs the designer who offers the plans and should do well. I just hope that I am up to the challenge because I am not as well prepaired as I would like to be due to work but very much looking forward to giving it a good go at it. Roger

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