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An Update On Whats Been Happening Over the Winter

Things are progressing well at present , thers a slow trickle of gear leaving the sail loft which helps pay the bills . Out new place that being built on the Lake is almost up to lock up , I was there yesterday double checking the power outlets in the new sail loft to make shore iv planed for them to be in the right place for the machines . the insulation was going in and thieve finished installing all the wooden windows . the scary task of packing up and moving will be about seven weeks away !!!


the current project is making a sail rig for folding kayaks, in previous blogs iv mentioned about the Oscar Speck expedition, Sandy is also being sponsored by Nortic folding kayaks in Germany , who im now working on a project with to design sail rigs for there folders. I recently had the chance to take one of there kayaks for a days outing in Bass Strate . bass strate lived up to its reputation and half way through the day throe up a good 3m sea, with a good dose of clapitus and rebound of the sea cliffs on the Gleny group of islands which was out destination . I was paddling the nortic Navigator , a lovely wooden framed folder with nice Greenland inspired lines . although its hard to compare to my feathercraft kahuna being longer and slim er , its more like the feathercraft catslano I loved the handling and we needed to contend with a big surf landing on the return from our trip .My first thorts wher”this kayak is so fine at the bow its going to Perl or even pitch pole in the surf ” but to my surprise it was really well manerdand I cruised in at the end of a big set of waves without even getting crossed up or dumped of the face of the waves I cort in !

I am so impressed with the paddling quality and the build quality Im going to be selling there boats hear in Australia . , im going to be importing there new model the Argo, its a bit lighter than the Navigator, and has an all aluminium frame , similar to a feathercraft. and there going to be about half the Price of a feathercraft hear in Australia.