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  1. Somehow some way Just Another Sailor and atwitsend came to the same conclusion to enter the 2012 Everglades Challenge. As members of the community sailing center in Key West, we originally selected to sail the club owned Hobie 16. After an overnight sail of about 60 miles it became clear that the 16 did not have the hull volume to carry our big frames and gear. But the trial sail was enough for us to continue in our quest. Soon we located a 1986 Hobie 18 Magnum and almost immediately began upgrading the equipment. Today about the only original equipment is the Hull and spar. (New sails, shrouds, tramp and soon a hooter.) We will be ready to compete.
    This weekend MLK, we will sail 200 N. Miles from Key West to Flamingo, traversing Florida Bay to the finish line and then return to Key West. With a training mentality like this we feel the boat and team will be ready to sail, finish and even compete.
    Birch & I (Guy) look forward to reading everyone’s pre-race stories and finally meeting our fellow competitors on the beach in March.

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