TriRaid startHere is the Beginning of a new expedition boat shown in the photo.  I am using aircraft grade plywood from Aircraft Spruce company on this one because it is lighter and I expect to have it for a very long time. The boat has been a long time in the  making. I started in 2010 building  expedition boats and testing them. My long term goal was to develop a complete all around boat that can go just about anywhere but when in open water can turn on the speed under sail power. The toughest small boat challenge is the  1200 mile Ultimate Florida race. I could enter a Kayak in the event, paddle for 40-50 miles per day and get it done in 30 days but For me that is boring. I want to enjoy it and I do not mine being challenged in the tough sections but overall I just want it to be an adventure, not torture. I would rather not finish than to be bored.  So the design that I want  needs to do many things well for the same reason that I do not listen to one type of music all the time. Don’t get me wrong about the paddling because I am a paddler.

Taking this into account and also considering what I have learned from the challenge races entered in 5 different boats, I now have a much better knowledge of what it is going to take to make a very good all around expedition boat(for me) designed to do many things very well.

My experience in boat building is very good now but I do come up short when it comes to knowing how to design a hull to do what I want it to. I am fortunate that I now have Klaus Metz designing a boat that should meet all the goals. I had purchased a set of his plans for the Trika trimaran and after discussing it and the needs that I have in a special expedition boat,  he decided to take on the challenge of designing it.  We are still in the process of completing the design. Because he has completed the hull development I can now start construction. Some of the additional design goals have been added to the design and include the following.

-A campaboard, meaning being able to cook, sleep, change clothes etc. and take care of all needs while on board. Many times finding a place to rest is just not an option so you need to be able to toss out the anchor and do everything in the boat.-Pedal power along with paddle and wind. Having the ability to Paddle well is a must but being able to Pedal with your legs is an additional benefit.-Foldable ama’s. Being able to fold the ama’s in seconds when needed cuts much time. The goal is to always move forward.-This may sound simple but is important. Room to move. Stick me in a hole for more than a few hours and I am unhappy. I need to be able to move.-Able to do the wilderness waterway in the everglades. So design needs to paddle well with amas removed and towed.-Able to be portaged for very long distance of 100 miles. This came about when I tried to find a shorter route to get across Florida. I have found a route that adds 60 miles to my portage for a total of 100  miles but those extra miles cuts out 110 river miles or more than 24 hours. (I will not use this route if doing the race, only if on my own) Being able to store a folding bike on board is now a requirement because I have many other adventures in mind to do someday. Being able to tow is a must so a portage setup as part of the boat will be developed as well. Lastly- Not Slow!
I have plans to enter this boat into the UF race 2014 but…..still to be determined. Roger for update.

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