Myself and my wife DawnwiththeWind will be leaving on Thursday morning, Feb. 28th. She is my secret weapon. If she is in Key Largo waiting for me I will make it somehow.

First thing is to make it to the start and get through boat inspection and captains meeting. We have a room so it will be the first EC that I did not sleep in a truck. So starting the race with some sleep will be different as well.

Launch will be Sat. March 2nd and I have no plans as to which route to take. I have studied them all and weather will determine which route to take and can change just about anytime as long as there is a pass nearby.

I have chose the new boat which gives me the best chance at a finish. Not my fastest by a long margin but one that should be dependable and steady. Non proven in a challenge race as of yet but well tested since its launch Jan 1st 2013.

Yet un named but a Canoe/ trimaran new design that I hope will make a good expedition boat.


2 thoughts on “EC2013 Plans

  1. Roger,
    You are doing a great job! I have been watching since you hit the water. You are a little more than 10 miles from the finish line and are about to break the Class 3 record by hours. Don’t stop now! I know you won’t. When you get back home, I would like to buy you lunch and hear all the details.
    – Scott

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