A new blog!  I’ve been blogging since 2005 when I started training for the 1st  WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge (UFC) in March 2006.  That blog ‘SandyBottom’s Sea Kayaking and Other Adventures’, and it’s archive of many WaterTribe Challenges and adventures will continue.

However, as my son Alan (SOS) and I prepare for the upcoming March 2012 UFC, I’ll be posting here, and sending traffic from my original blog this way.

It’s going to be quite a ride, or should I say “Sail, Paddle, and Bike Portage, all 1200 miles worth.

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Dawn, I think that must be the only picture of you in a canoe or kayak without a life vest, so I wondered were you wearing it underneath. I remembered I would often forget to put mine on and you would kindly remind me. Since I’ve had the incident where it saved me ( I wasn’t even in a boat) I’m much better about it now.


  2. Frank I always wear My PFD, and have it on in this picture under the jacket. The jacket is a Kokatat Paddling Jacket that has a full zipper and I bought in an extra large size so I could easily and quickly put it on over my PFD, rather than have to take it off first. Now I use a Kokotat Cag in the same way. Look at the picture again, I’m not that big 🙂

  3. happy new year dawn !!!! I thought it was the jacket !!!!! and you had just gotten "pooofy" for all the cookie's and foods of the season !!!! hope you do well on said:

    happy new year dawn !!!! I thought it was the jacket !!!! and you were just getting “poofy” from the seasonal foods lol hope to paddle with ya near Oriental . ENJOY luv ya LATER

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