A few pictures from the York River in Virginia.

There was enough wind to try out the main sail today. I mastered the furling and unfurling. There is a little technique to make sure the lines don’t get caught up on the inappropriate spindle but after a while, I got the hang of it. I’ll probably try out the spinnaker the next time I’m out.

I saw and talked to one sea kayaker out on the Your river. Besides us, there was just one other power boater out there. Besides that, we had the whole river to ourselves.

My only boat issue was the rudder. The bungee that is suppose to hold the rudder down didn’t provide enough force to overcome the buoyancy of the hollow rudder. The rudder was in the water but only partially submerged. I’ll have to think about that some. I might need to engineer something that holds it down with more force.

[Edit.  I may have had the bolt too tight that attaches the rudder.  I’l ltry loosening it the next time I’m out and also add some WD40.]