masthead nav-light

One project I’m considering is to install a red-green-white navigation light at the top of the mast. The only way it would work is with the spinnaker halyard installed to hold the orientation of the metal connecting bracket at a fixed orientation. With that held fixed, a bracket could be designed to mount the directional navigation light at the top. The mast would need to be dropped to turn the light on and off but this is easy with the Triak. The following picture shows what I have planned.

I would need to order the light first and then figure out the mounting bracket. A little bent aluminum, some epoxy, and some tinkering should do the trick. I’ll update this post if and when I do the project.

08/28/2012 Edit

I ordered the light and it came in.  As a first attempt, I will use the most simple possible way to mount it.  I will need to tighten the bolt down so that the base is oriented properly with the spinnaker keeping the top bracket at a fixed orientation.  I’ll experiment with this when I have time.  For now, the simple bracket looks like th following: