Rudder bracket repair

The following shows the piece that broke and the piece of aluminum that will be used to make a new bracket.  The new piece was bent in a vice with a hammer.  The new piece is a tad bit thicker and a bit wider than the old piece so it should be stronger.

We cut it after the holes were drilled.  The bolt was used to hold it more ridged while it was being cut.

Here is the bracket screwed into the rear of the kayak.  The hole spacing and bevels were just right.

Here is a view with the rest of the rudder bracket assembled.  It was a snug fit but snug is probably good.  Even a little bit of play and wobble will cause stress on the metal.

And another view of the rudder bracket assembly.

I’m calling it good.  I will want to make one more just like this for an on-boat spare.

Special thanks to my brother, Paul, for helping me make this (actually he did all the work).