One manufacturer recommended upgrade is to raise the three cleats and add a forth for better sheeting angles.  To do this, first remove the old cleats.

Then the instructions say to knock off the glassed in nuts inside the hull.

This made me kind of nervous and I explored some other options but finally just decided to do it.  I selected a 3 pound sledge and a large flat-blade screwdriver that was about 13 inches long.  This was long enough to extend past the rim of the cockpit lip and give me a good angle to hit the back with the hammer.

After a few tentative whacks, I finally hit them hard enough to remove them.

The inside looks like the following.

I removed some of the remaining glue ridges with a dremel tool so my backing washers (5/32 x 7/8) would fit more flush.

The new bolts are 8×32 and 2 inches long.  The old hardware was metric.  The new bolts, washers, and lock nuts (all stainless steel of course) in place look like the following.  The bolts are just long enough.

The other side looks similar.

I added a little goop behind the washers.  I may add some epoxy around the washers (but not touching the nuts) but I haven’t decided yet.

It was necessary to drill new holes for the cleat to go at the Main Unfurl/Spin Retriever because the original holes were too small and spaced too far apart.  I enlarged the hole to the right and drilled a new hole just to the right of the hole to the left as seen below.

When all done, the four new cleats (raised higher than the originals) look like the following:

The two on either end also have a fairlead facing forward.