Another weekend in Beaufort NC. Did some reconnaissance for the NCC.
Drove down rt 101 to see a bridge over the Harlowe canal.
Checked out a possible camp site for after traversing the Harlow canal.
Checked out the tracking ability of the Spot unit while circumnavigating Carrot Island.

See it all here.

2 thoughts on “NCC Reconnaissance

  1. CleanSlate, I am enjoying your blog and your boat. I very nearly ordered one last year, they seem very nice. Anyway during your scouting if you get a change to measure the distance between the bridge supports at bridge #2 I am sure that watertribers will be very interested because of the debate last year about the distance available for some Tri’s.
    Hope to see you there in sept.

    • I will be heading back to Beaufort 2 or 3 more times before September and should at least have an opportunity to drive over that bridge. When I do, I’ll see if I can take a picture in such a way as to provide some distance information.

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