Another manufacturer recommended upgrade is to add a nylon spacer to the masthead to raise the spinnaker attachment so it won’t drag on the top of the mast.

The TRIAK website has the following image.

I decided to use a thinner nylon spacer above the bracket so the bolt would thread in farther into the mast.  I use the thicker one below.  Below is my set-up.

Note that the bolt is metric so you will need to use a metric stainless steel lock nut to fit the bolt.

I’ve been thinking about putting some kind of battery operated masthead (all around red over green) light at the top of the mast but the regulations say the red and green lights should be separated by at least 1 meter and that would mean a one-meter pole would need to be added to the top of the mast. That may not be feasible. I don’t think a white anchor light would have any use since I would typically pull the boat ashore instead of anchoring out at night.  I’ll probably just leave the masthead with this simple nylon washer extension.

I haven’t rigged up the spinnaker yet but this is what the retrieval device looks like.