I experimented with building a support system for my hammock so I could use it on my Triak. I used some PVC pipes and various stainless steel fittings. The cost of materials was fairly low. The up-side is that this system would open some additional camping places to me. I merely need to be able to pull the boat up on a low beach or mud-flat. I don’t need the beach to be dry nor do I need trees around. I wouldn’t trust using this system in open water. I would be afraid that an ama might be partially full of water and not be able to hold the boat up-right. I wouldn’t want to find myself awaken trapped and confused under water. But as long as I am on mostly dry land (or just a couple of inches of water), it should be safe. The downside is needing to carry those PVC pipes with me. They would add some weight, some wind-resistance, some possibility of mainsheet fouling, and some obstruction to getting to the rear hatch while underway. Its a judgment call whether the upside is worth the downsides.

The following video shows carrying the PVC pipes and the setting it up.