I chose the Watertribe pseudonym “CleanSlate” because, like many of us, I’m able to clean or clear my mind whenever I go sailing or kayaking.  I find it a rejuvenating experience.

My first boat was a yellow Windrider 16 which I enjoyed for a few years.  Eventually I wanted something a bit bigger to take the family on so I sold it and got a Hunter 216 cubby cabin sailboat.  I enjoyed that as well.  After a few years, though, I found myself using it less and less.  When I did use it, I would typically take it out by myself.   I finally decided to sell it and use the money to get something more in line with my original Windrider 16.  I was watching with great interest both the new TRIAK as well as the Hobie Adventure and Tandem Island.  The TRIAK appealed to me because back when I had my Windrider, I always wished it was in fiberglass.  The Hobie Tandem Island appealed to me because I could still take my wife and/or sons out on it.  I ultimately decided to take the plunge and get the TRIAK.   See http://triaksports.com.

Now I just have to make that the right decision for me.  I need to work out all the usability issues that make it easy and convenient to use the boat.  I have a Yakima rack so to start with I got the Hully Rollers and the Mako Saddles to carry the new craft on top of my Ford Explorer.

[Edit.  I’m not thrilled with the Hully Rollers with the Yakama setup.  I find that even with the locking mechanism unlocked, they tend to bind up.  I may end up just using all Mako saddles instead.]

Rollers in rear of Vehicle

Next up will be building a custom rack to store the boat.

Then I will do some boat upgrades and perhaps some aids to using the boat at or near docks and floating docks.