OcoumeFest Ultra Marathon

I participated in (and finished) the OcoumeFest Ultra Marathon in the Chesapeake Bay in May. It was a 64 mile course but was fairly hard for the sailors because there was not much wind. The paddlers were the fast ones in this race.

Although this was just my third watertribe event (and my 2nd shorter event) it was the first for me to finish without stopping to camp. I actually wanted to stop to camp but I couldn’t find a suitable spot to pitch my tent. I might investigate getting a hammock for future trips. With a hammock, you just need two somewhat sturdy trees the right distance apart. The ground underneath doesn’t need to be flat.

I also had a strange occurrence on this trip. I thought I took a wrong turn and did an unnecessary circumnavigation of the wrong island before find Wry Island (which I then circumnavigated). I though this wrong turn took me about 2 hours to complete. Although, when I looked at my Spot track after the race, there was no wrong turn or inadvertent circumnavigation. I must have basically dreamed the whole thing while paddling. It is really strange.

Anyway, The following is the video of the first part of the trip. I didn’t get any video on the later parts of the trip because I was busy dreaming extra circumnavigations and then later it was dark. I didn’t finish the race until about 5:00 AM.