York River 3/11/2012

I tried the spinnaker out for the first time on Sunday.  It worked great.  Possible too good because before I knew it I was quite a few miles downwind and then needed to tack back up wind to get back to the launch place before sun-down.  They lock up the place where I launched from at sunset.  York River State Park Croaker landing.  Next time I will go upwind first, then downwind for the return trip.

The wind started out slight but built up all afternoon.  I was hitting about 9 miles per hour with the spinnaker up and around 6 taking back upwind partially reefed.  The main hull is so narrow that it is deceptively fast.  There is hardly any splash. 

I was wearing my new MSR mission dry suit (event) and it worked great.  Never over-heated and could easily launch the boat with stepping into the water up to my knees while staying dry.  Gave peace of mind if I happened to flip the boat away from shore.

It took me a while to get the hang of all the various lines and to keep them untangled in the cockpit.  I had loosened the rudder pin but the bungee still isn’t keeping the rudder all the way down.  The manufacturer has mentioned a possible rudder upgrade coming down the road.  I’ll definitely look into that.

I hope to get a go-pro camera to take some fun videos sailing.