Another great day at my CrossFit Rebels Box.

But first the morning workout was just a one hour walk. My knees have been a little off lately so I took it easy.

In the afternoon came the WODs. The warmup was kind of weird. Basically just foam rolling and mobility stuff. I need work on my mobility, but I hate those rollers and crap. I did it but not with much enthusiasm.

Then we got to the SWOD (Skills Workout Of the Day). It didn’t look like much on paper but it was very good.

15 minutes of repeated sets of 10 x Press @ 50-60% of 1RM ( 1 rep max)
rest 1 minute between sets

We paired up and went at it. My buddy and I didn’t take the full minute rest between sets. We just kept going back and forth. As soon as he finished I’d start. Then when I finished he’d start.

We got in 9 rounds for a total of 90 reps at 85 pounds. This is harder than it sounds when you have to use strict form on each rep.

Next was the METCON.

It was supposed to be 10 x 100 meter sprints. Due to my knees I decided I would not do the sprints. Instead the coaches had me do repeated 400 meter runs.

I got in 7 x 400 meters. My slowest time was 3:07. My fastest was 2:13.

Once again they kicked my butt.

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