Getting In Shape – End of Week 2

After a forced layoff from training for almost one year I am back in the game. I started P90X two weeks ago. Today was the last workout of the second week and I feel great!

P90X is very intense and there is no way I can keep up with the DVD, but I am doing pretty good consideringĀ I am a few decades older than everyone on the screen including Tony. If any WaterTribers out there decide to use P90X for their workouts, be careful and pace yourself. It is a three month cycle so don’t think you have to do the same rep counts as the demo group on the screen.

Next week I am adding Insanity workouts. I’ll do a P90X workout of the day followed by the Insanity workout of the day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will also do Ab Ripper. The overall goal here is to get back to my fighting weight of 170 pounds of pure gristle.

Of course, sinceĀ I intend to “kick the panties” off all the class 1 guys at the NCC2012, I will also be doing kayak trips 2 or 3 times each week. These are going to start off fairly short but each week they will get longer right up to race time.