paddling update !!!!

hello to all !!!!! I have moved back to Mebane from Oriental nc ;yes I know that I am crazy [thanks for the imput],lol.I am back to paddling on jordan lake[near Durham nc],and while paddling in the AM is good[get’s ya away from jet-ski’s],it is sometimes lonely !!! more to follow .ENJOY your day’s


hello all !!! got kayak back from shop !!! MY KUDO’S to the guy’s at <get outdoor’s> in greensborro nc !!!! the boat looks good,and “set’s”,the water just like when new ,balances perfectly ,and after 2coats of wax looks new !!!! tommorro I will start paddling the ICW near here in Oriental nc to build muscle tne.wish me luck!!! later

boat retrieval !!!!!

good morning all !!!! it is a new great day for paddling ,here in Oriental nc ,hi today 54-65 partly sunny and a mild 5-12mph wind !!!!! I am going to greensborro nc to get my ;P&H Orion 16 6″ kevlar kayak. it is being re-furbished from me “dropping it 3months ago.on my return I will be camping at 5cliffs [near MCAS cherry point base.  PADDLE ON !!!!!

Hello all !!!   I took today “off “,to help a friend move a greenhouse,so did not get to paddle today[bummer] cause it was yet another great paddling day !!!! feb-1  70 degree’s,and more sunshine than you could use . tommorro’s another day !!!!!  later zenkayaker   PADDLE ON

add on to arm machine

hello again !!!! well having seached through mounds of stuff,I do in fact have almost everything I need.I am using “bar-bell weight’s” for this [bought from flea market],for little money[sundays are best]no one wants to load/unload 2 or 3 times,they will almost give stuff to ya !!!! anyway that is my progress so far today.also I have begun walking arround the town,dailly,approx 2-3miles. have fun get in shape enjoy the day   later zenkayaker

beginning training

hello all !!! today I am making an “arm-motion ” tool[wieght pulley system],that I can use to build muscle tone,both in my arm’s but my chest and will consist of 2 pulleys [6″]and 20’of rope,2 ratchet straps[for anchoring pulleys to tree’s],and 2 s/s carabiner’s.this system will enable ,an old “couch = spud” to get back in some shape to compete.since in my “vast” storage pile I prob already have the entire list,it will be my “today’s mission ” to exert myself to find&fab,it all together .  have a good day later zenkayaker  PADDLE ON !!!!!

hello paddler’s !!!!

hello,to all !!!! this is my first attemp at  2 finger typing ,other than answering e-mail.I am going to try NOT to bore you all with to much trivia ,however I am new to this- – – bear with me . !!!!  my name is george cole “zenkayaker” is my tribe name.I am 63 yr’s old and have been paddling ,for ever it seems !! in 1959 I paddled a “new to me “,coleman aluminum canoe,in Michigan,for the fur trapline I had.since then I have paddled and sailed boat’s and kayak’s/canoe’s all over the east coast .  i am currently located in ;Oriental NC 28571,and paddle on the ICW [mile marker 182], I try to paddle daily ,rain sun snow[what snow],and soon in darkness[wish me luck] !!! at 63 yr’s,I am coming late to the paddling game,and so now I must play the oldest of games”ketchup”,I am going to have to really work to get in shape to paddle the 2012 NC watertribe race. there will be PAIN,there will be SORENESS,and there will be dissapointment.However I will continue to practice&improve;on all count’s!!!!! So for now;”thanks” for dropping by hope for better reading next time . PADDLE ON