Morning of the start!

0414: Wake up, put on wicking clothes, windbreakers. Have to fill water jugs, load fresh batteries (lithium) into GPS and SPOT. Fill some ditty bags with snacks, then head off to the start. Boil eggs for later, chow down on some English muffins.

0600: Arrive Ft Desoto, put on drysuits, pose for group Watertribe photo moment, then a few moments with other skippers before setting up boat for the start.

0655: Assemble at your boat, final plans for the start, including who holds the boat and who will pack the rollers into the bowels of the boat for reserve floatation.

0700: Start… put rollers under the bow, shove off, and hopefully, we slide into the water, Hoa holds the bow while I sort out the rollers, inflate them slightly, lock in the oars, and away we go. 15-20 predicted, so will start with two reefs, the storm jib.

Expect SPOT OK transmissions every 4-6 hrs. OK signals with major course changes and a “custom” transmission when we break for naps and downtime.


Approximate Itinerary

Okay, big dates coming up…

Ferbruary 25th…. ASPA Winter party. No kidding, gotta make Hoa’s work party, b/c she is gonna look great, and I want to dance with her!

Monday, Feb 27th… drive to Bradenton to Hoa’s brother Hoang’s house to deliver Sea Dart near Tampa Bay. Launch her the 28th or the 29th, which gives me some slack in the schedule, as well as final preparations.

Thursday, March 1st: Drive to Key Largo and then take the bus back, rental car, or else fly from Tampa to Bradenton. Yikes… gotta sort this out!

Friday, March 2nd: Mandatory Safety Inspection and Captain’s meeting during the day, meet and great other competitors> Pick up Hoa at the airport in the evening. Sleep in Bradenton.

Saturday, March 3rd  0700 : START THE EC 2012