Everglades Challenge 2012 starts March 3rd!

What is the EC 2012?

Why are we doing this?

What is it going to require in gear and preparation?

What are the risks?

How can you follow our progress?

With this website, I am trying to answer to these questions and more. My name is “Badger”, aka Phil McLean. Together with my crew “Wally” (also my wife, Hoa Le) we are planning to take our 17 foot rowboat/sailboat along 300 miles of Florida Coastline starting March 3rd. This is one of a number of Watertribe events designed to test boats and sailors and expand the horizons of small boat design and use.

Read on, and please leave comments!

6 thoughts on “Everglades Challenge 2012 starts March 3rd!

    • Thanks! Hi to Nynke! We are getting excited, just packed our clothes and put (live) flares in the lifejackets. Charging the radios, the boat battery, and stocking spare AA and AAAs. Have to slip the spare oars under the floorboards and figure out how to stow the bimini poles while driving to Florida. Maybe in the back of the car.
      Leaving Monday morning, arrive Tuesday evening in Bradenton for shakedown cruise/final prep. Hoa arrives Friday night after the Captain’s meeting. Wish us luck! I will have the SPOT on for the drive down the coast, btw.

  1. Love reading about your trip! Keep up on the speed dial for rescue if you need us. You are brave – there are alligators bigger then your boat out there. Bring bug spray. So excited for you guys – how cool! -Karen & John.

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