We are down to days and the list is getting smaller! We had the 2 dodgers added last Friday at Tackle Shack. Sat, Alex and I peddled for about 4 hours working on the legs. I’ve been in the gym doing nothing but leg and back work the last few weeks. Its getting better. We have all the gear sitting in piles. Sleeping pile, tent/cooking pile, cockpit pile, personal gear ( PDF, flashlights, dry suit etc). Still need to buy, sort and organize food and drinks. If space allows I’m bringing a few empty mile cartons for extra floatation and possibly to fill with water if it looks like we will have a slow peddle to windward. Added the Gopro attachment to the boat hook for videos outside of the boat :). Over all feeling really good about this year. The boat is new and the gear is tested. Forecast is all over the place. I have three forecasts that say North winds, East winds and no wind. Would be great to ride a front South like we started off with a year ago.