The count down continues. 44 days and the drums are getting louder. I thought I had crew but that changed so back to solo. I’ve had a couple great practice days. One was sailing solo with great winds, hit 10.4 knots with spray all over the place! What a blast. :).  My food list has been narrowed after tasting and testing some new items. Love the Buffalo/cranberry I found at a health food store. And the Kind + bars, good flavors. Since I have 2 Bivy bags I think I will keep pone deck side for sleeping on deck while drifting/anchoring out. Saving the “normal” bivy and sleeping bag with camp clothes for beaches and inside the tent. Still hitting the gym 3-4 days a week. The legs are feeling great and should be ready for some peddling if needed ( and we always do!)

I have to say, this has been the easiest race to get ready for out of the 5 I have entered. Experience being a big part of it. Gear has been tested over the years. No project boat to be working on so all the time is devoted to getting gear and me ready. What a breeze!