The training has started!

Kokopeddle and myself spent 5 hrs out on the new Big Red, a 1990 21′ Sea Pearl last Saturday. Each time we learn a bit more on the handling and pointing ability of it. Each sailboat is different so there is a bit of a learning curve. We practiced about 1 hr of rowing. About 1.5 knots with no sail assist. In super light winds with sails was closer to 2.6. At least we were moving. Kokopeddle now has the boat on his float so has been rowing daily for training. We have purchased a new stay-sail and will be having the mizzen sail and mizzen mast set up for it. Training with the stay-sail in a few weeks. Added a tiller extension “Battle Stick”. Much better than the teak one that was with the boat.

The boat has been repainted bright red and all the teak refinished. Win or lose, at least the boat will look good! Still deciding on the type and placement of bilge pump. We have discussed a electric one run off a battery ( but adds weight and expense) or a permanent manual pump. And if manual, where do we set up the pump and handle, the helmsman in the aft cockpit or forward for the trimmer to pump….. We also need to do some minor smoothing of the lee board bottoms, they are a bit rough. And stop the center line teak floor boards from sliding backwards. Changing out the Bruce to a lighter anchor. Marking the booms for reef points. New velcro for the out-haul lines…. ¬†oh yeah, rig lights and add reflector¬†tape…..add GPS attachment to the mizzen mast…..and to we leave the fenders on each side….lol. I guess we have some projects to finish!