2017 Boat

I missed the 2016 race. Business commitments just did not allow me to train and get away for the race. I was there at start, and it was killing me not being in my dry suit and on a boat! I am not missing next years race. So the over riding question for next year is to do a 4th race on the Hobie TI or something different? I have been watching the usual assortment of boats, just not sure which was the right one. Some are to slow, some flip, some are even wetter and some i just don’t like. With that being said, I think maybe a 21′ Sea Pearl might be the next boat. A bit heavy getting off the beach @ 600 pounds, but the Sailbird was at least that or more. The rowing might not be my strongest suit with my shoulders, but at least I am not sitting in water for days. While the Hobie TI has a ton of good things about it such as always being able to make it move, and some times being able to peddle for 24 hrs + in light winds. The top end speed is decent, but not really fast. I just think it might be the time to switch. More of a real boat, bigger sail plan to play with, fiberglass, being able to stretch out and sleep and most importantly…. a boat my wife will go out on when I am not racing. I guess its time to get the Hobie sold and a Sea Pearl bought. And then we can start the learning of a new boat, always fun!