The push has started for the 2015 EC. I’ll be racing on the Hobie TI again. This year I will be going alone unless Kokopeddle changes his mind. My son-in-law, Wind Watcher is going to be a dad again in April, so best for him to stay home in 2015 This year I am working on doing better via 4 avenues. I know there’s more ideas, but can’t give away all my secrets………..ha

1. Better conditioning. I have always done well on the peddeling in these races, but started earlier and working harder to have even stronger legs than past races.

2. Less weight. Yup, that’s me. Boats are faster when they are lighter. I dropped 12 pounds and shooting for another 20 before 3/7/2015. Also doing what ever I can to lighten the boat and gear. Hoping to be about 40 pounds lighter than last year.

3. Better gear. Making a effort to have better/lighter gear than past years. Added a Jet Boil and a solar recharger for my phone. Getting rid of the old tent and adding either a one man or a trap. Already have the bivy bag that worked great last year. Getting rid of the heavy stern light ( and extra batteries) and going with light weight “kayak” lights that are LED and last forever.  Switching from a inflatable life jacket to a real Life jacket.

4. Racing smarter. I have studied routes and schedules of other racers from past years. This is my 5th EC and have my own thoughts on it all. I think there are times when I could be smarter on when to sleep, when to push, course etc. in past races I have not been as efficient  as I could have been by planning better and using more gray matter and not so much physical effort.

I counted a few days ago and it shows 21 Hobie TI’s will be sitting on the beach. This is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!