Getting ready for 2013 EC

Getting serious about making “Big Red”, 18′ Sailbird trimaran “more” ready that last years EC. Changing hanked on headsail to roller furling, and adding 2nd set of reef points. Forward area of cockpit will now be enclosed with a water proof hatch. Last year we were taking on water in the forward area making us bow heavy. I think I solved the leaking centerboard control line. We discovered after last yearss race that there was not a lot of clearance between the top of the centerboard and the water line when loaded with gear, 2 adults and lots of wind/wave action. Water came through the top of centerboard and into the bilge under the hull liner. We added a tube to drain the water to cockpit. Revamped and improved drain system in cockpit. Adding waterproof storage bins to cockpit. Adding 2-3 cubic feet of flotation ( 180 lbs of flotation) to the bilge area around the centerboard area.  Last year we totally submerged the boat at one point. Doing everything possible to make sure it does not happen again. Also have added access plates so we can drain bilge just in case water seeps in there with out having to stop the boat. The loose “cooler” lids with be attached with piano hinges and gaskets to make the cockpit storage area waterproof. Also planning on adding access plates to the amas so we can pump water out just in case. Working on several “paddling” systems, but hard to paddle a 500lb+ trimaran to far anyway. Lastly, making a big effort to lighten gear and bring less gear than previous years.

Now waiting for this years crew, one of the son-in laws is coming along. Both great guys and excellent sailors.