2 weeks from today we will all be on the beach. Windwatcher and I along with Kokopeddel on his AI had a good sail last weekend. Topped out at 6.8 knots. Last night we set up the two tents and narrowed it down to which one. Went through all the gear list and agreed on our food list. Might make some changes as we get closer, but basically know the food. May take more water/Gatorade if there is no wind and we are peddling for the whole race. Having the dodgers put on today and the steering adjusted. Then another day on the water tomorrow. Expecting 66 for a high and 10-15 knots of wind. So much for working the legs. Looks like a sailing day. After that will get out at least once for a night practice and then just keeping up the gym and leg training and the wait. Latest forecast for the start is cool and 10-20 from the North. That would be great!