Happy New Year, swimming, NYE paddle

Whew, just finished a 12+ mile paddle up the Kinchafoonee Creek. I had an interesting encounter with a Triton boat flying wide open with a 150 motor on a little bitty creek.  The same guy soaked a homeowner on his dock fishing.  Oh well, made it home.

I have been swimming for a few days now at the Y.  First 2 days were for my kids to exercise, especially Ashlyn after her HSP.  Yesterday at 5:15am I  struggled to complete 500 yards, but only 25 yards at a time.  I am having to learn how to breathe without trying be a fish.  I have a new respect for swimmers.


Hello world!

Welcome to Scareman’s Blog sharing experiences and efforts to prepare for and to complete the WaterTribe’s 300 mile Everglades Challenge paddling a tandem kayak solo in less than 8 days!

First, I must commit to capture in this blog the information, experiences and learnings from which others can learn to better enjoy paddling and sailing adventures.

Second, I must thank Chief, SandyBottom, and KiwiBird for great resources in WaterTribe articles and Blogs that hooked me on the WaterTribe back in 2006.

That little tiny WaterTribe ad in SeaKayaker has led to a shift in my life to prepare to complete my first complete 300 mile Everglades Challenge in 2012.

To my family, thanks for your support in our adventures including camping and paddling from the Great Smoky Mountains, to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.