Stitch and Glue Decked Canoes

I exchanged emails with WaterTriber Knotwright today. I had made a post in his thread to check out the microBootlegger that I had blogged about before here: He replied with a list of stitch and glue decked canoes which I didn’t know existed.

Quoting Knotwright, “And last but not least the Pocomoke comes from a book by Chris Kulczycki “The Kayak Shop: three Elegant Wooden Kayak Anyone can Build” Problem is the plans aren’t included, and Amazon some reviews say plans are unobtainable. There is also discussion elsewhere on the net that this is an outdated design.”

Another thing that Knotwright turned me on to in his thread, was kayakfoundry. Free canoe/kayak design software.

Great stuff. WaterTribers are some amazingly knowledgeable people.