Short Paddle on the Oconee River

Wanted to get away from Lake Sinclair and the holiday boat traffic so I loaded the Kruger Dreamcatcher into my truck and headed for the Oconee River. It was a spur of the moment decision and the only research I did was to find a boat ramp. Closest spot turned out to be in Milledgeville. When I got there the water was moving fast. A lot like a ripping tide near an inlet in the ocean except a little up stream was a bunch of rocks and a shoal with a 4 – 6 foot drop! It was very interesting. There were spots where I could stationary paddle my boat at what felt like a full sprint. When I made my way up stream I had to balance trying to make strong strokes with not hitting big rocks lurking just out of sight below the surface. The trip turned out to be mostly exploring. I am looking forward to going back to this area soon. I will have to start working out the milage for a longer trip and figure out how dependent the water depth is on the dam’s release schedule.

There is a little video at the bottom. Enjoy!

Test Sailing the DreamCatcher

Its been really busy this past month. Work and other obligations have kept me out of the new boat. This Memorial Day weekend is my first chance to try it out. First order of business was to run new foot control cables.

Second was to try out my set of yellow amas I acquired with the Kruger Cruiser. Sometimes I think rigging a boat for the first time is like putting together a puzzle. Lots of testing pieces where they don’t fit. Chief also did a lot of customization to the boat. Like anything you get second had some of it is great, some is hard to figure out and other things you choose to do your own way.

Next was to get out on the water. Unfortunately by the time I had the boat rigged the wind had substantially died off. It had been white caps earlier in the day but now all I could muster was a few gusts. Still enough for my brother to take some pics.

Amas do not mount perfectly symmetrical. I chose to mount them with the extra flotation aft. Not sure if this will be the best choice but it did tack nicely in this configuration.