Deleon Springs Paddle

It was suppose to be a workout but it was more like an excuse to eat pancakes.

Erika and I took the solo canoes up to Deleon Springs State Park and put in for a two hour paddle. Temps were a brisk 45 degrees when we started but warmed up quickly. We didn’t get a whole lot of distance in but Erika is still get use to paddling her own boat and did outstanding. After our paddle we at at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill on the Deleon Springs State Park property. I can not recommend this place enough. It should be on every paddler’s must visit list.

Sign by the water indicating the park boundry. Someone made a swamp creature out of moss!

Erika paddling the Saywer Loon. Boat fits her perfectly.

Yum! Pancakes!!!!!

Food or art? You decide……