Christmas Vacation Project

I have been meaning to do this one for a long time. I couldn’t decide what would be the best option for racks. I looked long and hard at the Talic commercial racks. But at the price of another boat I considered building it myself. Somewhere in the process I started to consider bent metal racks screwed to the studs in the wall. $35 dollars later I had three 10′ sections of 1″ electical conduit, foam insulation, and a couple of screws. I also bought a 1″ pipe bender to get the shape I wanted but it will find its way back to the store tomorrow.

Man are all those Kruger designed boats pretty…… Wife’s kayak on top isn’t too shaby either. Just hope I don’t find another canoe and kick it out. lol

Family Trip to Sebastian 12/10

Took the family to Grant, FL for a little paddling and a test sail on Sunday. Couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better day on the water with family.

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Shellie paddled her Seda Glider. Erika was in the Sawyer Loon. Tommy Jr and I took out the Kruger Cruiser. We launched from Jorgensen’s Landing across to the spoil island north of Grant Island. It doesn’t have a name but is designated BC45 on Google. Once over there I took out the BSD sailing rig for the Kruger Cruiser only to notice I didn’t bring the amas! No big deal. The winds were light. Anywhere from 3 – 7 knots. I put up one of the two sails and made my way around for a little bit. Then I took each family member for a ride.

After an hour or so of playing on the island we paddled and sailed over to Honest John’s. On the way Tommy Jr caught and landed a sea trout on his own. Both of us were very proud. We had a great visit with Johnathan who I have sailed with in the past.

Then we sailed back to Jorgensen’s landing and headed to Old Florida Bar and Grill only a few buildings to the south for a late lunch before driving home. The fish of the day was some outstanding blackened sheepshead. The local band was a lot of fun too.

Pics from the trip.

Erika with our dog Lucile waiting for me to launch.

Tommy Jr catching a nice trout on his own.

Sailing into Honest Johns Fish Camp

Family photo at Honest John’s Fish Camp

Erika and Shellie on the way back.