Spot Tracker Test

Took my 1st generation Spot device to Disney with the family. Hey why not? Its a good opportunity to test it. Things didn’t go 100% perfect. We arrived around 10 AM. The first message didn’t come in until around noon and that was after trying to send an OK message and resetting the device…… I also tried another OK message around 4 PM and never received it. Going to have to keep working with it.

Also took this opportunity to add my public Spot page to my blog’s menu bar. Should automatically redirect to the Spot page in most browsers.

Kayak Project

I bought an Oxford style rowing shell that had been converted to a paddle like a kayak a few weeks ago. (It was cheap) Having been on surf skis before I had a good idea what it would feel like to be in such a narrow boat. I took it out to Honeymoon Island for a paddle the day I bought it and confirmed it was tipsy but still functional. The real problem was that it wouldn’t turn very well. So today I added a rudder. I am quite happy with the bracket attached to the boat. I made that out of some aluminum laying around the garage. Still need to get the peddle for steering installed.

The seat is pretty interesting. They guy who did the original mods put in a cedar seat. Its not too bad. Good for a pleasure cruise but may need some modifications in order to do distance paddling. The hope is to set this up as a training boat. If it works well I may do a few more things with it.


Working on a new WaterTribe Banner

Having some fun working with Chief to create a new WaterTribe website. The plan is to have rotating header images that incoporate the WaterTribe logo and publicly available charts as the back ground. You will notice that the chart images are places that WaterTribe participants visit.

Hello world!

Here is the first blog post for me on the new WaterTribe site!

Got to do some fishing to day on the Little Econ in Orlando. I figure any day on the water is training for another Everglade Challenge right?

DonKeyHoTey let me know he bought a GoPro camera yesterday. Hopefully we will have some good video this year.