Final Weeks Before EC 2013

Well the build up for this year’s events has been challenging and rewarding. Sadly Birch my sailing partner decided he did not want to do the Challenge this year. Going solo it is then and I’m looking forward to Mar 2nd and the race. I’m a big man so the Hobie 18 is manageable. I’ve designed a solo righting pole and it works. The autopilot works as well so I’ll even get a little break to stretch, eat, navigate and relieve myself from time to time. I get about 18 hours of use, that is more than enough to give me breaks here and there. I’ve designed what I call wave boards attached to the wings giving me protection from on coming waves while sitting on the decks and a little more back support as well. My new Garmin 78SE is programed with all possible routes. Dry bags and their storage is all worked out as well. My test 165 mile sail from Key West through Fl Bay and back was a success. I’ve got little else to say but looking forward to seeing everyone on the beach.