A beautiful sailing day, 15kts out of the North with a fleet of 50+ boats that include several large schooners, Corsair Tri’s and one other Hobie 18 w/ spinnaker. The race was downwind w/ the other Hobie using their spinnaker was first in fleet. We still do not have a spin or schreecher… damn. Key West Magnum 2nd in class.

Now only a beauitful upwind sail home… until a side shroud stud/chainplate sheers! With a loud bang the mast gentle floaed into the sea. After stowing the sails and lashing the spar a J80 came along to tow us back to the Key West Harbor.

Repair list after one 6 mile race; replace side stay studs, one tiller, one jib haylard and oh I forgot we cracked a centerboard too.

Did I say we’re still having fun? Yep we are crazy.