The boat is packed and ready, food, water candy and gear ready. The weather is being to look very favorable for us big guys. The Hobie 18 Magnum loves big breeze especially w/ Birch and I at about 500lbs. I am very excited to see how we perform against the other teams on Monday morning. Close hauled w/ properly lighter winds at 7AM but picking up to maybe 20 kts. The first check pint will come quickly w/ the perfected winds maybe before 2p. I expect a quick turn around at CP1 or Pacida and hopefully the front will swing the winds to the N by then. Again out weight will help if we can carry the spinnaker and ave 14kts or better but that means arrive at CP2 7-8P! Holly we are really moving now. Again the wind will carry us to CP3 or Flamingo but under the close shore so our ave is now only 10-12kts. 5-6 hours of sailing to Flamingo w/ the arrival near 2-3AM Monday. We have already crossed Florida Bay in only 4 hours so an arrival time a near 8AM on Monday! 49 hours for this team would be super!!!!!

Now that I’ve said it nothing will happen like I predicted…. maybe even better. We’ll see soon enough.

Wish Birch & I a little luck and our fellow sailors as well.