Today I can finally say I’m excited to compete in the event! So many days working on the boat and getting it ready. Today I just need to reseal the mast, add new spinnaker block and cleats and pick up the mainsail w/ a new higher reef point.

The weather forecast is looking very predicable w/ SSW winds on Saturday at 15-17 kts, swinging to N on Sunday at 16 kts. If it is steady and consistent we should be looking to finish in under 48 hours with the early part of the race the big question on time. If it would move to the SW and even WSW then we could scream and finish in under 40 hours.

In our class the question mark is Randy Smyth in Sissor and the A Class Cat. Birch & I are two heavy boys so we really need stronger winds to excel. Not wanting to give anything away they just might be too fast but the Tornado & Prindle 19 & of course the other Hobie makes for a very exciting race.


So we shall see and see very soon.