Building on great childhood memories today

My father Herman (age 94) has recently returned to live in Key West with my brother Erik. He had moved to Vero Beach several months to live with my sister Dawn and be close to his youngest daughter Margaret. He went reluctantly for he had the impression that Vero Beach is too old for him. Sadly his impressions were correct and he’s back here.

After Wilma in 2005 I asked to him to design me a power catamaran. He has designed sailboats but never a powerboat much less a catamaran. 11 years later he power cat is floating behind my home and I must say an incredible design and a pleasure to own. I have wanted him to design me another boat for years but he has declined. With his return I pressed him once again and this time he conceded. The last week of 2016 he came to my home and set-up a drafting table and proceeded to draw me a 22′ center trimaran hull to match up with my existing Hobie 18 hulls and rig. As he drew the design I began to recall the first family boat he designed and built for the family. I was only 5 at the time and remember crawling under the boat as he assembled the wooden parts to form a great sailing 8′ pram. Initially I had no intention of building a boat at this time but the memories of my youth and the final time I can work on a boat project with my father was just strong to overcome.

On January 4th we began setting up a building jig and assembling this new and exciting project. After only 3 days the hull was formed. It is my goal to finish the build by the end of the month and prepare to compete in the Everglades Challenge Adventure Race on March 4th 2017.


I can’t wait to sea trial this new and exciting design (estimate February 1) and prepare for the EC 2017. Photos of the build are on our website: