Updating Hobie 18 Magnum

It seems that nothing is ever perfect or complete. After competing in the Everglades Challenge 2012 (2nd in Class 5) Upon our arrival back home quickly discovered that we were lucky to even finish the race. Both crossbeams were cracked and needed replacement. Only about $700.00. We cracked one of our new rudder casting (weld repair). Daggerboards were beat up on the race (needed repairs). Just prior to the race we found a used asy spinnaker and pole to be fitted to the boat. We were only able to use it once and for less than 30 minutes. We really should have ordered a Hooter from Randy Smythe. Better longer term use for adventure races. So a new Hooter is now on the list.

I have been considering racing the EC 2013 as a single-handed entry but my partner in the Hobie has indicated that he would like to do the race once again so it looks like the team is back together again. Watch out everyone, we learned a lot on our first try next time we’ll really be dangerous.