2013 Suwannee River Marathon & Challenge

Results are in!

Suwannee River Challenge – 52 Miles – Fargo, GA to White Springs, FL

1st Overall Marty Sullivan

Racing Tandem Kayak Bob Waters
1st Sea Kayak Bill Aylar 8:15:09
1st Unlimited Rod Price 8:49:00
Tandem Canoe Scott Werner
2nd Sea Kayak Will Schaet 9:28:40
3rd Sea Kayak Michael Stelljes 9:34:29
4th Sea Kayak Eric Koenig 9:34:32
1st Touring Kayak David Morse 9:35:21
1st Recreational Roland Simard 10:24:10
Tandem Kayak Matt Wisler
1st Solo Canoe Tom Dyll 10:37:48
5th Sea Kayak Jon Hinson 12:33:52
6th Sea Kayak Mike Woodside 12:34:52
1st Stand-Up Roger Mann 13:05:30

The 12th Annual Suwannee River Challenge and Marathon was held on
Sat., Oct. 12th. Racers in the 52 mile challenge started in Fargo, GA at 7:30 am.
Although the river was running a few feet lower than last year’s race there was
still plenty of water for the competitors to have a pleasant day on the Suwannee.
Marty Sullivan and Bob Waters raced in a tandem kayak and were the overall winners
in a time of 7:57:14. Roger Mann became the first paddler to finish the race on a
stand-up paddleboard. In the 26 mile marathon, Brint Adams defended his title and
won the race in a time of 4:18:49.

2 thoughts on “Suwannee River Challenge 2013

  1. Awesome write up Roger, I only saw two gators the whole trip, I’m kinda glad I coudn’t see into the water from you’re vantage point, it would’ve freaked me out too. Not knowing how many gators I paddled over is fine with me. I think I saw that same dude, although he hadn’t started bathing yet. My finish time was at 8:06 so you were only 30 minutes behind me. A real accomplishment man, congratulations. Did that pic you took of me come out? Later.

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