Well I have been waiting on parts for “Seven” and while waiting completed the little red Tri -Banana’s, and just started another boat that has been on my mind for a while. Ever since seeing Andrew Linns Photo of my puddlecat 13′ Adventure”-Ltl’ Lagoon”, in Tampa Bay during the EC 2011 I knew that it could be better if it was larger and wider. It is 6 wide.No I am not sinking….the waves are just that high in the bay. I had left the beach with just one sail up in the center location but started getting passed so was in the process of putting both sails up in the biplane configuration when the scamp passed me and they took this photo. I have a video of them  here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVk-WE5wIho just as we got to the outside. Anyway just a foot in length makes a big difference so I am making one at 18’instead of 13.  This will put it in the same catagory as another boat that I have wanted which is the catamaran Miss Cindy. This boat went on an incredible adventure and proved very capable but you can not get plans. It is a biplane rig as well. As of today I have a good start. Will post pictures soon and discuss it more detail.

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