NCC result

I had a tough NCC 2012. The race started and I had 40 paces to drag my boat to the water. Still I got a good start but there was no wind. I sailed what I could but mostly paddled aprox. 30 miles the first day. The worst was the cannal where I had the current against me and was making 1 mph.

But after sleeping for four hours in the newport river I got up at day break and made it to check point 1 early and found that there was still 2 folks behind me. I saw Chief and BayRaider off of Harkers Island and then the wind picked up and I finally got some needed wind. For about a half hour stretch I got some really good wind and off my beam and the boat got on plane and it when like a rocket on rails. Here is the tracker info from that time.

jollyrogerWP164, OK Button, 13.42 kn

Position: 34.832820 -76.404880
Date/Time: 9/29/2012 1:32 PM

Nm From Last Tracking Point: 1.61
Hours From Last Tracking Point: 0.12
Knots From Last Tracking Point: 13.42

Nm From Last Msg: 5.49
Hours From Last Msg: 0.31
Knots From Last Msg: 17.71

I averaged 17.71 knots over 5 1/2 miles and my top speed was over 20. What a ride. That 1/2 hour made the whole trip worth it and showed great potential for when there is wind. It also showed that if there is no wind then I am going to be only making less than 3 mph and putting in great phyical effort to do that. It is not easy paddling a 330 lb Tri. so I will be looking into a spin drive , mirage or maybe oars which is not likely do to being 14 foot wide.

There was also a storm that us. I had my 2nd reef in and it blew it out ripping the sails. They were over 30 years old so a new set is in Seven’s future. She is a cool little racer and a keeper for sure.