My finsih time was 2 days, 16 hours and 7 mins. If not mistaken I have the 14th fastest time recorded (all classes) since the EC races began in 2000. Thank you 2-day TailWind!

I have been recovering from staying up for 66 hours with only  nap’s and I have been enjoying watching everyone come in at the finish and doing some Largo sailing with my wife Dawn. We sailed over to the Atlantic side, john Pennecamp state park.

The boat did really well. I only wore out one rope guide and she took the worst of the weather with ease.(4-6 seas) And she is guite a surfer reaching 13.1 knots coming down a 6 foot breaking wave entering Big Marco pass. She is not fast, more like a steady turtle.
My body is also great. Legs are alittle sore having done about 50 % of the moving and the arms are good as most of my paddling was done standing up across most of Florida Bay with no wind and when the hobie pedal dives do not do well in the shallow water at low tide.  Florida bay was by far the toughest section. I was glad to do most of it during the daytime.

I did not do the wilderness waterway which is one of the things that I wanted to attempt.  I was told that I had a chance for a record in class 3 at check point 2 so we went straight back to the outside and went for it.

The plan now, I’m considering an attempt at the Original Ultimate Florida 1200 mile challenge record. Or get my big racing Trimaran ready “Seven” and do a state line to state line Coastal Ultimate Florida. Getting the time off for the race is the tougest part for me so either way I need to finish or DNF in around 19  days. Not an easy task. The fast racing Tri may be the way to go, but still undecided. I am leaning toward the orig. UF. But I am going to need a faster and lighter boat.


One thought on “My New Class 3 Everglades Challenge Record.

  1. Roger, very sorry I did not take the time to speak w/ u at the finish. Congrates on dsigning/building and competing/winning and setting a new course record for class 3 in the EC! Your project was a true testament of good planning and sailing. I’d like to speak w./ you about your plans for nx year especially if they include your tri. Cheer

    Guy deBoer

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