GVI to Mockhorn Camping Trip

Several locals have shown interest in Watertribe and Hobie Adventure Islands. I set up a overnight Camping Trip across the Chesapeake to Mockhorn Island. Six people, three Adventure Islands, one Triac sailing Kayak and a Prindle 18 Catamaran. No wind and baking in the sun, still it was a success. Two have signed up for the NCC.

Back Bay Nor’easter

 Back Bay Nor’easter

This weekend the winds were blowing much too strong from the North East. The Chesapeake waves were 4-6 feet. We decided to seek the more sheltered Back Bay, on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. This area has different challenges: shallow, choked with oriental invasive weed, with plenty of poisonous Water Mocassins.


Everglades Challenge 2012 Video

My video footage of my Everglades Adventure is poor. On leaving the Chokoloskee checkpoint I threw my life jacket into the boat to pull the boat through the mud. My main video camera was in the jacket pocket and it must have fallen through the Mirage well as I was pulling the boat. THe only footage that I have is from the GoPro camera and some iPhone shots.

Pedaling backward

This has been the warmest winter in the Hampton Roads area that I scan remember. At the same time work, family responsibilities and getting sick have kept me off the water since the end of December. I can feel my girth growing. The few hours of exercise that I do get in just are not cutting it.

I have registered and paid for the Florida Everglades Challenge and still plan on taking the time off. With work piling up I will not leave for Florida until the last minute. I think it is more important to FINISH than it is to race. This time I am planning to slow down and take more time to do this course. Too much effort goes into this race to DNF. I have checked that box…

My computer hard drive is quite full with videos that I have not produced and published. I normally use less than 10% of the raw video and then discard the rest for the lack of storage. The GoPro camera is the worst culprit creating hours of the same overhead shot.

Here is my new attempt at posting video. This is a day sail in October with WaterDog around Grand View Island.

If this does not work the link is: