There’s no whining in WaterTribe !

Sometimes when the going is rough I need to be reminded, “There’s no whining in WaterTribe!”   (Thanks. I needed that.)  On the other hand, with a smile, I enjoy dishing out “There’s no whining in WaterTribe!”  whenever I catch any of my favorite WaterTribers complaining about …well…  anything at all.    It’s a fun catchy phrase to say.
During a challenge, “There’s no whining in WaterTribe!” can be an encouragement if understood to mean  “Hey, you’re tough, and you’ve done harder stuff than this before.  You can do it.”  
All the WaterTribe challengers I’ve met are surely as tough as nails, some amazingly so.  Logically there should be no whining in WaterTribe.  Ever.  About anything.  But I know it happens.  For example, at the finish of EC 2009 I asked one of the sailors from a crew of two, “Did you have any equipment trouble?” and his reply was “Well…… toward the end….. some whiny ballast.”   I believe he was referring to himself.   
Even though the WaterTribe Rule Book states “No whining.”,  there is some appropriate whining in WaterTribe,  just as there is occasionally some appropriate crying in baseball.  So we’re really talking about the occurrence of inappropriate / unfounded whining.  
But still…   “There’s no whining in WaterTribe!”              

Photo as Chief hypnotized each EC 2010 challenger to send "OK" messages.


Are you whining? Are you WHINING ! There's no whining in WaterTribe !"