I’ll be starting the next phase of my training on Monday, October 8 which corresponds to the start of the EC2013 Derby. The plan is multifaceted and should take me to another level of fitness:

  • One long day on the water each week weather permitting using the same boat I will use in the EC2013
  • Two short days on the water each week using a class 1 kayak but no sail, probably do a paddling Pyramid of Pain each day.
  • A ~2 hour run/walk about 5 days per week
  • P90X 5 days per week
  • Concentration of mobility and flexibility 2 days per week

My goal is to lose another 25 pounds and increase my fitness over the next three month cycle.

In the NCC2012 I ended up paddling for over 40 hours. No matter how hard I paddled I could only go about 2 knots or less most of the time. It proved to me that I have the endurance. I just need a more efficient rig. My long days on the water during this phase will be a testing ground for the new stuff I have in mind.

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