Managing the Everglades Challenge

It looks like managing the Everglades Challenge and Ultimate Florida Challenge is going to be extremely difficult this year. I have one really good volunteer, PaddleDancer, for CP1 and when that closes she is moving to Key Largo. But nobody is stepping up for CP2, CP3, or any of the Stage Points for the Ultimate. I’m not complaining, just trying to figure out how to handle it all.

Of course it is easier than it was back in 2006. We have the SPOT now so I will be able to see where everyone is at any time. But I bet I literally have to burn a ton of gas running back and forth. We have some very fast movers that will probably be in the middle of stage 4 before some have reached Sebastian Inlet or even Key Largo.

No matter what it is going to be fun!

Welcome Aboard

This blog is going to feature trip reports including sea kayaking, sailing kayaks, building boats like small trimarans, adventure racing especially in the WaterTribe format for small boats.

Safety and survival when stuff happens will be one of my primary focus since stuff seems to happen when you’re having adventure.