What Class for NCC2012

Once again I get to do the North Carolina Challenge in 2012. But what class? It’s not an easy question.

I’m not getting any younger and class 3 seems like a better choice. But is it? I’m out of shape and the clock is ticking. I used to be invincible, but not anymore. Class 3 is the smart choice, but back in 2003 I did the EC in a class 1. It was one of the most memorable and enjoyable Everglades Challenges ever. Doing my workouts in class 1 will be much better than working out in class 3. Did I talk myself into class 1? Yup.

Isn’t it neat how stuff comes together. Right about the time I decided to do the NCC2012 in class 1 DrKayak decided to sell his Viviane. The Viviane is what I paddled in 2003. Naturally I scarfed it up and it is tied to the top of my car right now. Tomorrow will be my first paddle in my new (old) Viviane.